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Merry Christmas!

Hope you all are doing well!  Just wanted to say Merry Christmas real quick.

I have also been busy with LeadNetPro.  If you haven't gotten a chance yet, be sure to grab a copy of this Free Report - The Top 5 Ways To Make Money With LeadNetPro Today.

I grabbed a copy the other day and have put some of the strategies to use.  It has been very helpful in creating other sources of income for me.

Check it you at this LeadNetPro Review page now.
review, dan miller, leadnetpro, lead generation, scam


LeadNetPro is one of the most popular software on the internet right now.  Even though it was just launched in October of 2010, most people already know about it.  We bought it so that we could write this LeadNetPro review.  We hope that it helps you determine whether you should invest in it or take a pass.

LeadNetPro was created by Dan Miller and his team.  Dan Mills is a seasoned marketer that has been in the game for years.  He and his team created the software to help businesses generate leads and grow their business.

The foundation of LeadNetPro is the extractor.  Users are able to gather contact information of businesses and consumers within in any niche.  Data can be retrieved from the online Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle, Google, Yahoo, Craigslist and Backpage.  With so many data sources available, users are able to get ultra-targeted lists that can be used with the mailer and phone broadcaster.

The mailer built into the software allows user to send hundreds of emails per hour to their leads.  Dan Miller teaches a tactic called reverse email marketing that helps to build a relationship with the potential clients that are contacted.  This is not simply emailing somebody with an offer – it is a way to build trust and rapport with the people that are contacted.

The phone broadcasting system that comes with LeadNetPro is capable of making thousands of calls every hour to potential clients.  The system is fully automated once a phone broadcast is setup by the user.  The system will automatically call the phone numbers and play a message recorded by the user.   There are many options that allow users to customize how the campaign is broadcast.  There are alternatives such as live call transfer, leave voicemail only and many others.

Overall, we felt that LeadNetPro delivered what was promised and much more.  The quality of the software and ease of usability was very apparent.  The raw power of people able to contact hundreds or thousands of people ever hour is certainly something that many businesses can thrive from.

Is LeadNetPro for everyone?  We don’t think so.  People that rely more on word of mouth and networking to grow their business would not find use in such a tool.  However, there are most businesses rely on more than just word of mouth to get more customers.

LeadNetPro also relies on a bit of creativity from the user.  Crafting a quality email or phone broadcast is the key to success.  Simply blasting out a sales message does not work.  Instead, users will want to offer something of value that their leads will respond to.
LeadNetPro is definitely worth doing some thorough research on.  We feel that many businesses could be a lot more profitable if only they were able to reach thousands of leads for a very low cost.  This is what LeadNetPro is specifically designed to do.

We have created a Free Report that details the top 5 ways LeadNetPro can be used to make money within the next few days.  We also have put together a Free Bonus package worth over $1000+ for those that invest in LeadNetPro through us.  Visit this website now to learn more.
review, dan miller, leadnetpro, lead generation, scam

hey there!

Hey everyone!  Hope you are doing well :)  This is my new blog.  My name is Cindy.

Hmm....  I guess I will say a little bit about myself.  I own a couple of home-based businesses, love sweet tea and am from Carolina.  I am currently working on several different projects to hopefully grow my business.  I plan on posting the occasional update here so be sure to check back :)